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Forms for Competitive Athletes

TC Registration: to be filled out and sent annually to your Club secretary (pre-printed forms for currently registered athletes are available in myNZIFSA in the Members’ Area) TC Registration Form
PPC Sheets: Planned Programme Content Forms Singles & Pairs (rtf)
Dance (rtf)
Synchronised (rtf)
Development: Skaters Development & Goal Setting Programme Development & Goal Setting Reporting Form (pdf) (rtf)

Representatives Agreements:

Agreements to be signed by athletes, coaches, team leaders, officials, etc. when attending International Competitions    

International Rep Agreement

Test Application:

Form to be filled out to take an NZIFSA medal test. Each city has a different form and different costs, if there is no form for your city, ask your club secretary.

To apply for test credit based on competition results (Rule 502.12) please complete the Test credit application form.

Dunedin,  Christchurch (CISC)Christchurch (CMFSC)

Forms for Coaches, Officials and Volunteers

Expenses: use this form to request reimbursement for expenses incurred on behalf of the NZIFSA Expenses Form (pdf)
Test Reporting: secretaries should use this form to report test results Test Reporting Form (pdf) (rtf)
Coach Membership: joining, annual membership and continuing eductiion form coaches including KiwiSkate coaches

Officials’ Registration: annual registration form for competition officials  Officials’ Registration Form (pdf)
Judges’ Registration: annual registration form for judges  Judges’ Registration Form (pdf)
Nomination Forms: forms to submit nominations for NZIFSA annual awards

Administrator of the Year

Sportsperson of the Year


Judges’ Sheets

These judges sheets are printed by club administrators and technical committee members for judges to use during a test or competition. They are provided in Excel (or Word) format so that judges’ and skaters’ names can be entered before printing.

Stroking Tests: (Jan 2022) Stroking Test Sheets (Excel)
Free Skating Tests: (June 2023) Free Skating Test Sheets (Excel)
Pattern Dance Tests: (July 2022) Pattern Dance Test Sheets (Excel)
Free Dance Tests: (July 2022) Free Dance Test Sheets (Excel)
Pairs Tests: (July 2022) Pairs Test Sheets (Excel)
Adult Free Skating Tests: (Jan 2022) Adult Free Skating Test Sheets (Excel)
Adult Pattern Dance Tests: (Jan 2022) Adult Pattern Dance Test Sheets (Excel)
Adult Free Dance Tests: (Jan 2022) Adult Free Dance Test Sheets (Excel)
Adult Pairs Tests: (Jan 2022) Adult Pairs Test Sheets (Excel)
Adult Stroking Tests: (Jan 2022) Adult Stroking Test Sheets (Excel)